UPS Interactive Sinusoidali

EOTL 2000 VA

UPS Interactive Sinusoidal EOTL 2000 “brand EPC”

Maximum flexibility of use for this UPS interactive sinusoidal, that can be used both in rack version that in tower version thanks to a simple support that enables UPS to remain in an upright position. The UPS display is automatically adjusted depending on the positioning horizontally or vertically.
This UPS system is suitable for all electrical and electronic equipment, which provides power in case of power through an inverter and which prevents power surges through AVR.



Power 2000 VA / 1600 W
Maximum flexibility TOWER / RACK
Rotation of the display and use simple
Power factor output (P.F.) 0.8
Stabilization network with AVR
Battery charger on even when the UPS is switched off
Pure sinusoidal
Programmable output socket


Software for all operating systems and network environments, platform monitoring and shut-down UPSILON 2000; Preparation insertion SNMP card

Advised of protection:

Servers, Switches MT (cabin medium-voltage), Security System, data centre