SHT Power is among the leading companies in the design and manufacture of power systems, uninterruptible power supplies / UPS, inverters, frequency converters and stabilizers.

Among the forerunners in the application of the microprocessor in multipurpose UPS and in the design of solar energy UPS, SHT Power offers uninterruptible power supplies, UPS Rack, single-phase and three-phase double conversion UPS, inverters, frequency converters, stabilizers, network conditioners, rescuers and batteries. Certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, SHT Power produces in Italy and Asia under the SHANDY and EPC brands.

The significant experience in the field of uninterruptible power supplies has led SHT Power to produce specific UPS for different sectors with specific needs, such as data centers, telecommunication systems, operating theaters, automation systems, airports, power plants, industries of any size and other areas. with special needs.

The wide range of uninterruptible power supplies and other products in the catalog covers all the most common needs, while customized solutions can be designed in case of specific requests and needs of the customer.