UPS Doppia Conversione Tri/Monofase trifase / trifase

EGL 3T 10 K

UPS double conversion three-phase / single-phase EGL 3T 20 K “brand EPC”
The UPS double conversion three phase / single phase allows, in addition to ensure a continuous supply and to prevent voltage fluctuations, to transform the current industrial three phase in single phase, or suits households.
This group of continuity, thanks to its versatility, is suitable for powering electrical and electronic systems even in critical situations, in addition to being used with the current generators motor. Suitable for all industrial users, this UPS has high standards and excellent safety.



Power 10000 VA / 8000 W
UPS double conversion three-phase single-phase
Output power factor φ 0.8
Wide range input (110 Vac -300 Vac)
Outlets for critical loads
Output converter frequency-CM 50/60 Hz
Function (EPO) emergency power off
Simultaneous operation of SNMP + USB + RS-232
Battery charger designed to optimize the performance of batteries
Manual bypass for maintenance
Redundant parallel operation
Power factor correction on all phases


Software for all operating systems and network environments, platform monitoring and shutdown UPSILON 2000

Advised of protection: