UPS Interactive Pseudosinusoidali

EV 850VA

Simulated sine Interactive UPS EV 850VA “brand EPC”

UPS Simulated Sine Wave, suitable for electronic devices that require a low level of protection, makes it possible to stabilize the current through AVR and to compensate any lack of power via the inverter.



Power 850 VA / 480 W
Autonomy (1 PC load at 120 W): 15 min.
Compact size
The high quality of the microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
Stabilization network with AVR
Auto-restart when the network returns
Simulated sine
Battery charger on even when the UPS is switched off
Cold start function (power on with no network)
USB/RS232 port and RJ-11 phone protection.


Software for all operating systems and network environments, platform monitoring and shut-down UPSILON 2000.

Advised of protection:

Pc, Machine Automation.