IMP1xx eletronic volt. stabilizer 1 phase

Stabilizer electronic single phase IMP1xx “brand SHANDY”
The stabilizers IMP Represent a highly technological solution for the correct supply of sensitive equipment in situations where the mains voltage is not reliable and accurate. Products with semiconductor materials of high quality and controlled by microprocessor, These electronic stabilizers operate with great efficiency and reliability situations of extreme and rapid voltage variations, thanks to the very high speed of adjustment (500Vac/sec.). Easy to use thanks to its compact design, the electronic stabilizers IMP1 not require periodic maintenance, are not affected by dusty, humidity and vibration.



– Power range: Single phase: from 2kVA to 30 kVA.
– Safe use with any type of load
– Control unit and microprocessor-based protection
– Input Voltage Range 160 V AC to the stabilizer to 260 VAC (90 VAC-280 VAC optional).
– Speed control 500 V / sec
– Setting static modular structure Thyristor and SMPS technology
– High efficiency, absolute silence
– Front panel LCD
– The-n case of failure disabling automatic bypass function allows a user to direct network
– Contactor tripping voltage high / low and a delay in ignition.
– Surge protection (optional)
– Isolation transformer (optional)
– Protection filter harmonics (optional)
– RFI filter (optional)
– 10 year guarantee availability of spare parts


Advised of protection:

– In combination with UPS systems
– Stations broadcast TV / Radio
– GSM repeaters / phone in general
– Recording Studios Audio / Video
– Air Conditioners
– Medical / hospital
– Illuminations laser / neon
– Printing machines, textile, mechanical, etc…
– Submersible pumps, electric motors
– All electrical equipment sensitive to voltage variations