RTC automatic volt. stabilizer 3 phase

Three-phase electromechanical stabilizer RTC “brand SHANDY”
Power range: 6 to 30 KVA
The electromechanical regulators of the three-phase series RTC electronically controlled and independent regulation of each phase are essential for the use of equipment even in the presence of strongly unbalanced loads.
The three control circuits separated and the three servomotors that make up these stabilizers to mechanical stabilization phase regulate individually each stage, bringing the voltage of each phase to a value extremely close to the nominal one.

The electromechanical regulators RTC are very quiet, with no magnetic leakage and shall not introduce harmonic distortion. There is also a model of three-phase electromechanical stabilizer for mains without neutral (230V).
The RTC electromechanical regulators are equipped with pole circuit breaker, digital voltmeter with voltage reading of each phase input and output, fine adjustment of the voltage for each phase.



Advised of protection: