RTG automatic volt. stabilizer 3 phase

Three-phase electromechanical stabilizer RTG “brand SHANDY”
Power range: 40 to 300 KVA
The electromechanical regulators of the three-phase series RTG have an independent control of each phase allowing, even in the presence of unbalanced loads, constant adjustment of the tension. Three electronic control circuits, six and six servo voltage regulators ensure maximum performance and high reliability of all models in the series of three-phase electromechanical regulators RTG.

This configuration makes the stabilizers to mechanical stabilization RTG ideal for powering of any equipment that requires a constant supply voltage, by operating machines with numerical control in computer centres, laser systems, up to entire industrial establishments.
These three-phase electromechanical regulators, mounted in a solid cabinet with protective door, do not introduce harmonic distortion, are particularly quiet and free of magnetic distortion. The supply line must be equipped with the stabilizer neutral.

The RTG-phase electromechanical regulators are finally equipped with pole circuit breaker, three digital voltmeters with reading the input voltage and output, three digital ammeters to read the current on each phase, fine adjustment of the voltage for each phase.



Advised of protection: